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Rebel was a victim of extreme abuse and neglect - most likely in a dog fighting ring. He was probably used as a bait dog - being muzzled and tied up and subjected to the vicious attacks of other dogs.

Defenseless and weak - Rebel still survived this extreme trauma and managed to escape his captors. Fortunately he was found by animal control and made his way into rescue to be rehabilitated for his severe injuries. Rebel came to Pack Ethic to mend his broken spirit and see what it is like to be part of a loving pack and family.


Rebel spent two years here in our home - learning what it was like to be a happy, healthy, balanced dog. He was a beloved pet to us and a proud mentor to other rescue dogs that he met during his time here. Although we grew to love this sweet and noble Pit Bull with all of our hearts, when the opportunity arose for him to be the center of an adoring family - we knew that we had to give him that chance. Rebel is now the sparkle in the eyes of his new mom and dad and a playful and protective big brother to his new sister dog too. Rebel had a long and winding road to get to where he is today - but his spirit remains strong and full of love. He has so much to offer and remains a perfect example of the resilience of this amazing breed.


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