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Every moment of my day is moved by energy. In life energy is all encompassing and neverending. My goal is to understand and work in sync with this energy. This is but one moment in an ocean of time where we have all been before and will be again someday. When you have a purpose and have found someone to share that with everything else is a moment in time for you to do with it what you will. When you go with the flow that nature intended you will have a world of energy working with you.


Keri Whitfield


There is no way ‘around’ a dog’s issues. The power that a dog gains from misbehavior without correction is potentially harmful to you and always harmful to the dog. Balance exists without issue. When we rescue dogs, their issues exist by no fault of our own, may begin growing from birth, from before birth and sometimes cannot be fixed, even with all your time and effort and knowledge. Love never cures issues. Discipline is necessary for every dog. Discipline is everything and is not ever just correction. Correction does not have to be sound or touch but can be your own energy and body language only. Correction is the ability to communicate your pleasure or displeasure with the actions and reactions of an animal. You can do this without touch, without tools and without a plan of action. Affection is everything. Anything that you give a dog is affection. Food, toys, beds, touch and time can be affection. Reward without discipline leads to imbalance. Discipline without reward leads to insecurity. Once you fully immerse yourself in what your dog is communicating to you in every moment and fully commit to rewarding and correcting their behavior consistently you have begun full rehabilitation. Every time you fail at this, you are hindering rehabilitation and the ultimate potential for success.

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