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Vesper was neglected and abused for a lifetime...but found the strength to live another...


Vesper looks hard through old eyes to find the faces of the people who love him, always finds them waiting and wets them with his grateful tongue. 


Vesper walks–touching the ground hesitantly–the pain of his torture better learned than the possibility of clean and solid ground before him. Life taught Vesper hurt and now age has disabled him further. Pack Ethic gave Vesper hope. 


Vesper eats–relishing each new taste–food once being a seldom seen offering. Food lights him into action-smelling, moving and savoring. 


Vesper sleeps–breaths as deep as the layers of plush blankets and beds beneath him–groaning and grunting in satisfaction. He often moves his legs in dreams – a reason to run once the only constant in his life – the ability to run taken away by neglect and isolation. No need to run anymore as the old man is planted securely here in his new home.


Vesper wakes – eventually and slowly – but knows immediately, now, that it is the beginning of another day of serene protection and social delight.


Vesper smiles and reflects pure energy into the room - beaming.Vesper cries out to let us know that he is here and… good – and all hands close by reach in to let him know as well – ‘we are here – for you – and not going anywhere.


Vesper wags – and you cajole, smile, congratulate - on instinct to encourage his gracious show of pleasure.

Vesper waited a lifetime to enjoy necessities – a meal, a walk, a wag, a smile, a good night’s sleep. Every dog deserves a life of love with their devoted family.


Vesper missed out on a decade but his presence now is worth the world.


Rescuing Vesper feels like saving an angel from leaving us before knowing love.

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