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As long as there is life

I do not ask a lot of you, save to live. Everyday I offer to you – my life – in every moment of yours. You can have my time and my strength, my endurance and my health. I easily give you my love, my devotion my committment to your well being. It is yours – without asking and without question – without pause or hesitation. The worst that you will get from me is my weakness in times of struggle and my sadness in times of loss. Never though will it detract from the hope that I hold out for you – for tomorrow.

Sometimes I wonder why it is the world has rejected you. Feeling closer to you than I am with them – I wonder why I am so different. My world must not reflect their world – as from there you were expelled and into here you are accepted. Am I so different from them? Is my world so altered? If I have lost anything it is perspective on what the world expects from you and what they have to give. Here – you are animal – you are dog and I see the world through your eyes. I am not distracted by what you do not understand – by what you cannot participate in. It means nothing to me. My only concern is your needs – here and now.

So am I missing out on something? For me to want what you cannot have would leave you alone and without – and I truly do not believe that it would leave me any better off. After all, if there is life in you – who am I to refuse? Your life is mine. To take you away is to leave me with nothing. I try to imagine a life without you and I am left wondering what world I would belong in. How to return to a life more ordinary when it is within that world that lives the reason for your displacement.

I try not to dwell on the distance. If I let in the fear – the anxiety – the anger that is all that you know of your past – I will be as helpless as you and then…who will be there for me? If I lift you up – in turn you raise my purpose to a level that leaves me in want for nothing. You have given me life. As long as there is life in you - I will live.

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