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No Matter What

I believe vehemently in the divine power of nature guiding every move that every creature makes in the universe. I have witnessed firsthand the balance that nature prescribes to her subjects – doling out what is right when it is necessary and always regardless of the superficial desires that we humans possess. Knowing that this power is an almighty one I have never fought to find a way around it. I have never fretted when it has landed me with hurt or questioned when it rewarded me with help or happiness. This being said however, there are still times when you have to ask if you are being tested. So, I fight for everything that I love in this life. I have fought to create everything it entails. I surround myself with what I love. I do not desire worldly possessions, riches or great wealth. I do not live with luxuries. I work for what I love. I sweat and toil everyday to support what I love. I bleed and bruise and cry and yell to protect what I need. I am not alone. I am surrounded every moment of everyday by the ones that I love. My passion is dogs. My choice is to live a life in their company, their service and their debt. There is never a moment when I am not working with them, for them or around them. My goal in life is to be a legacy to the four-legged creatures that make my life whole. In a world where you never know when the next challenge will take something from you and leave your will burdened, blackened and weak – there is never a pause in the loyalty of a dog.


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