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For a moment

There is no room uninhabited by pack in this house . We do not own a kennel. We own a house. But, by all intents and purposes – it is a den for our pack. How did it get this way? I believe that it starts first with letting go of all of your things (physical possessions, worldly obligations, social agendas, daily activities independent from maintaining your pack) and replacing them with living, breathing bodies of responsibility. Then from that day forward – you must be able to balance the life that they all require – as if every one of them is your child – as in – they are created by you and live only by your abilities. Whatever you negate to inform them about – whatever you don’t teach them – they will fail at. So, in every moment you have to know what they are communicating to you – in actions and underneath them – and you need to be able to speak back to them as if your body and mind were theirs. You can have three dogs without a leader that tear your life apart or you can have a pack that understands everything that you want from them – and then it can feel like you are all one balanced being.

But no matter what the drain on myself – they repay me tenfold with their peace and serenity…in these moments.

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