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Welcome Lucky One

Give us your forgotten and ignored, your unruly and confused. Bring us your lost and misunderstood, your insecure and unstable. Show us your voiceless and afraid, your reactive and hopeless. Rescue is here to help…Hello there Lucky One. You have been brought here to find yourself. You may have been one way in one life before and things happened or didn’t happen but none of that matters now that you have arrived here. With us you will have a life everyday. Your needs are no longer ignored. Instead you are now the top priority of many humans daily. Your voice will be heard. Not only do your new people understand what you are feeling and why you are doing the things you do - we also respect that and can work with you to make you part of our lives despite that. We know that you may have no instincts for the world that we are offering but we also know that those instincts were with you at birth and if you listen to your primal nature – you can find them again. We are here to show you how. We will guide you into finding those moments where you feel like you belong and can relax in your world. We will never make you respect us. Instead we will prove to you that we are worthy to follow and never lead you astray. We will never expect anything from you. We will judge you only on what you are offering in the moment and do everything that we can to show you that each moment is worth living. Your future is never a threat. Your past is over and can fade each day until forgotten. Your present is secure and promising in a place where you can find reward and connection, affection and respect. We live to be as much of a dog as a pack member can be in order to convince you beyond a doubt that we are here to be a part of your life. You are DOG. You have the security of Pack around you at all times. Pack is everything. Where you went without before – now – you have everything in perfect balance. Let us show you where you can go from here…

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