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I Owe I Owe It’s Off to Work I Go

We owe the animals the balance that nature intended them but humans took away. I will work tirelessly to return to these animals – their spirit which is so much better than our own. I am required to keep an even balance of all things in life in order to have a calm energy. What is required of you to work with nature – is to feel so fully confident and comfortable in your skin, your mind and your actions – so much so that the world appears to be a journey that you mapped out beforehand and have already experienced in the future. The present is exactly as it should be and it is our challenge to tune into it enough to join the frequency and enjoy the ride. Animals teach us in every moment to evaluate who we are, how we feel and what we are doing and they know of all of this just when we do – if not before. They can read us like open books and so they all write themslves into our lives with their decisions and actions. Show them light and they will reach for it and feel alive and free in spirit. Show them strength and they will relax and accept and lean into the plush blanket of security that they rely on. We made them and they require that we make them whole again.Rescue animals may lose themselves along the road of life without a model to guide them. Once saved, convince them not of our human emotions of fear or frustration or anger – but instead show them optimism and encouragement and balance. When they see that we are a balanced center to attach themselves to – they will live to stay by our side. All dogs want to follow us. We made them. They know nothing if not of us and the world that we have created around them. We as humans have created the wounds that these animals possess and so it is our duty to remove them and offer them the balance that nature intended but cruel humans took away. Animals know when they look at us what we are feeling, where we are coming from. We admire their intuition. If I want to return the favor – I need to see them for who they have become and always be honest with them about what they need to feel better. If I am selfish and instead sacrifice nothing of myself but instead take whatever wisdom they still instinctually possess – take in what appeals to me and then let them drown in their tragedy – then I am no different than any other human that has already failed them in life.My job is to be for each animal – what they require to become the best version of themselves that they can. Their health - inside and out is my mastery. The physical recovery is black and white – scientific – medical, but inside – the maladies in their behavior are anything but cut and dry. Each animal is their own spirit and an individual. Every creature has to be treated as a response to the energy that they are giving off. My job is to nurture the positive and block the negative until they can see that I understand the balance of nature and the security of calm. Food, water, safety and comfort may show them that I am human and in control of our resources, but it is not until I show them what I have inside to offer them that they can see me as a true source of balance for their lives. When I can see to their mental wounds and make it my job to make them a better animal – then each of those animals have a true chance to live another better day. I owe them this. I will work at this forever.

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