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A dog

A Dog sits in a shelter wondering if they will ever get out – wondering if they will ever find home again.

A Dog sits is a shelter and decides that there is not tomorrow – no reason to wait and hope for a life beyond isolation and pain.

A Dog sits in a shelter and recedes within – lets go of the ties that they once held to our human world – their instincts tell them flight, fight, give in, give up, surrender.

A Dog sits in a shelter and feels weak and alone and helpless and depressed.

A Dog sits in a shelter and the days pass – their future now bleak – their history all too familiar…“I was once a pet. I was once a family member. I had people to watch over me and feed me and they were always there. I was an animal – a primal being with nature coursing through my veins – energy in my step and wind in my face. I was a companion, a friend, a protector, a helper, a healer. I grounded my humans to the good in life and I lived for those moments when they would see the world as I do – full of possibility and opportunity in every second. Every single day was meant to be filled with our desires and our dreams. I was always there for them. I never gave up on them. I always knew that they would be there for another day of this dog’s life. They promised me that when they let me join their world and made me part of their lives. I saw it in their eyes. I would never have to wonder…there was always home.”

Every sad dog in a shelter has a sad history of sad humans who have proved to another “lesser” species that we are full of failure and disappointment…

Shelter dogs are sick of our lies and promises.

Make Change HappenA Dog is for a lifetime – THEIR LIFETIME! No EXCEPTIONS!

Rescue is a Mission – not for us to find reward but always in an attept to lead the ones we have lead astray back to the open arms of a home…

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